The wizard manifesto

n the olden days of yore, in the year 2013—Bitcoin was young and not yet known across the land.

A group of early disciples desired to grow the Bitcoin village, so they distributed notices far and wide.

“Join Us!” - the notice read, alongside the etchings of a fantastical wizard.

“Magic Internet Money” - was promised, to those who shed their fears and embraced this future.

The message took hold in the minds of many, and scores of eager explorers joined the Bitcoin village. Their leap of faith and curiosity were rewarded manifold, with newfound adventures, a wellspring of magic internet money, and an eager desire to try things never before possible.

Now, countless Moons have passed and these Stories of Old have fallen from the minds of many. Wars were fought and crises endured and the memory of the Magic faded. 

Yet there are grumblings again among that same early enclave of disciples. These disciples—now older in years and sparser in hairs—still hold fondly in their minds the days of Magic and Discovery. And just maybe, it is possible to reveal again the Magic of Bitcoin to those who have forgotten. 

We are the Wizards who wish to reignite the spark that made bitcoin Magical. 

We will rebuild the Wizard Village.

“Join us!” is our battle cry. 

“Magic Internet JPEGs” is our method. 

And as we recite these Forgotten Bitcoin Verses, we seek to renew the Magic that once sparked.

We yearn for fresh adventures to unknown lands. 

We yearn for revelry and tomfoolery with our fellow Bitcoin wizards.

We yearn for those crafting the Bitcoin Codex to have support consistent with their immense talent.

We will make Bitcoin magical again.

Join us! 

Taproot Wizards

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